National Focal Point of the EEA Grants attends Communication Workshop in Brussels

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Communication Workshop brings together EEA Grants Network for exchange of experiences and promotion of best practices

On June 10 and 11, the National Focal Point of the EEA Grants attended the Communication Workshop at the EFTA House, in Brussels, organized by the Financial Mechanism Office.

The event brought together Coordinators and Communication Teams from the EEA Grants network, as well as representatives from Embassies and Donor Countries, focusing on the sharing of best practices and the presentation of content from the #ourstories segment.

The National Focal Point of the EEA Grants presented a successful communication best practice from our country: the EEA Grants Brand Awareness Study. This study revealed a significant growth in brand awareness compared to the 2018 results, with Portugal being highlighted as a good example in the field of communication. Six years after the initial study, the same sample showed a remarkable increase in the visibility of the EEA Grants brand in Portugal.

During these two days, there was also an opportunity to learn about the communication ideas and plans for the closure of the current 2014-2021 Financial Mechanism, with room for reflection on lessons learned and future communication opportunities. Participants also had the chance to get an inside look at the European Parliament election campaign, through a talk by the institution's Campaign Director.

The event concluded with an awards ceremony for the best communication practices, celebrating the work done by the EEA Grants.

This workshop was an excellent opportunity to foster the exchange of experiences and learnings, and to reinforce the importance of effective communication in promoting the EEA Grants.