FBR/10 - Exhibition on EEA Cooperation / Celebration of Europe Day

PDP 10 - Exhibition on EEA Cooperation / Celebration of Europe Day

Promoter: Embassy of Portugal in Oslo, Noruega



EEA Grants: 566,00 €

Total Amount: 566,00 €


What did this initiative focus on?

        As a diplomatic mission, the Embassy of Portugal in Oslo has the primary objective of representing Portugal in Norway, as well as promoting political, economic, cultural, and interpersonal relations between two allied and partner countries. Part of these relations occurs within the framework of EEA Grants projects involving Portuguese and Norwegian entities. Considering the value of these projects in fostering closer ties within a broader European cooperation project, the Embassy of Portugal participated in the Europe Day celebrations in Oslo with an exhibition highlighting the importance and impact of emblematic EEA Grants initiatives.

        Europe Day celebrates peace, unity, and cooperation in Europe. This occasion represents a unique opportunity to highlight the cooperation between Norway and Portugal on the 30th anniversary of the EEA Agreement, showcasing the positive impact of concrete projects funded by the EEA Grants Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, which is currently in its final phase. Thus, this was also the ideal moment to publicize the results of projects covered by the Blue Growth, Environment, Culture, Work-life Balance and Active Citizens programs.

        Each Program Operator selected an emblematic project and requested information and images from the project promoters, which were displayed on informational panels during the Europe Day event. Additionally, the Embassy plans to exhibit these panels at other events.