Adaptchange Initiative studies adaptation mechanisms to environmental changes

Caracóis Marinhos Do Género Littorina

One of the curiosities of the initiative is the study of a target species that lives in Iceland: the marine snails of the genus Littorina.

Adaptchange consists in a strategic cooperation between institutions involved in research and outreach from Portugal, Iceland and Norway with three main goals:

  • technical cooperation – implementation of a research project aiming to assess the mechanisms of adaptation of intertidal species, with special focus on marine snails,  to rapid environmental change;
  • capacity building - organization of technical workshops, and
  • science dissemination – sharing good practices on effective science dissemination initiatives particularly focused on the protection the biodiversity living in our oceans.


The first meeting among the partners of the EEA-funded project Adaptchange took place virtually on May 2021, with the participation of Snæbjörn Pálsson (University of Iceland), Joost Raeymaekers and Anja Westram (Nord University, Norway), Rui Faria and Cátia Monteiro representing CIIMAR (Portugal).

During this first meeting, after a brief introduction of the participants, we discussed the sampling plans for this summer and the workshops to be organized during the project.

(Photo of the participants during the kick-off meeting in Zoom. From top left to bottom: Snæbjörn Pálsson, Rui Faria, Cátia Monteiro, Anja Westram and Joost Raeymaekers)

One of the curiosities is the study of a target species that lives in Iceland, the marine snails of the genus Littorina.

To know more about the sampling campaigns in Iceland and Norway stay tunned! To know more about the project please visit the link.