Blue Growth

The Blue Growth Programme's main objective is to increase value creation and sustainable growth in the Portuguese blue economy. In addition, the intention is to increase research and promote education and training in marine and maritime areas.

The Programme will contribute to the overall objective of reducing economic and social disparities and strengthened bilateral relation through funding of different projects within five outcomes under the following three Programme areas:

  • Business development, Innovation and SMEs;
  • Research
  • Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeships and Youth Entrepreneurships.

The five outcomes are:

1) Incresed competitiveness for Portuguese enterprises within the focus area of Blue Growth;

2) Resource efficiency of enterprises in marine sector supported;

3) Enhanced performance of Portuguese research organisations;

4) Education, training and cooperation in marine and maritime issues enhanced and:

5) Enhanced collaboration between the beneficiary and the donor states involved in the programme.


Approximately 70% of the eligible expenditure is allocated to “Business Development, Innovation and SMEs” with special focus on Blue Growth.

30% of the total eligible expenditure of the Programme is set aside for the components addressing “Research” and “Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeships and Youth Entrepreneurships”.

The synergy between the business, research and education and a holistic approach in the programme will contribute to a sustainable Blue Growth in Portugal. The research will support businesses with a research, development and innovation component, strengthening their competitiveness in the market. The education component will promote the improvement of human resources skills and awareness in marine and maritime issues. 

This Programme aims at increased value creation and sustainable growth, including long-term marine and maritime economic growth, social cohesion (in terms of local communities and maritime activities), and marine environmental protection.

The Programme will contribute to the overall objectives of the EEA Grants by financing initiatives to increase competitiveness and profitability among Portuguese SMEs and bring more innovation in their products, services and processes. Also, the programme will strengthen the cooperation between donor and beneficiary countries, through joint projects and ventures.


The programme has 45,9M€ funding which 70% should be dedicated to the business and innovation area.

Working together for a green and competitive Europe