Call #4 - Research

This Open Call aims to finance projects to enhance the performance of Portuguese research organizations in Blue Growth, including technological development, and promote monitoring and knowledge improvement of marine environmental issues, including natural and social capital and ecosystems services.


The call remains open until to 12:00:00 GMT 30-10-2020


The main objective of this Call is to enhance the performance of Portuguese research organizations in Blue Growth, including technological development, and promote monitoring and knowledge improvement of marine environmental issues, including natural and social capital and ecosystems services. It is also an objective of this Call to fund projects aiming at technological development and promote cooperation between research organizations and business sector.

Eligible project promoters: Research Organizations, defined in the Community Framework for State Aid for Research and Development and Innovation (2014/C 198/01), established in Portugal.

Natural persons are not eligible.

Eligible project partners: Any public or private entity, commercial or non-commercial, as well as non-governmental organisation established as a legal person either in Portugal, Norway, Iceland or Liechtensteinor any international organisation or body or agency thereof, actively involved in, and effectively contributing to, the implementation of a project, (in accordance with article 7.2.2 of the EEA Grants 2014-2021 Regulation).

The proposal must include at least one research organization from Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.

The cooperation in research projects is to be based on equal partnerships between entities involved in research and development in Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstien and entities involved in research and development in Portugal, with the leading role of the latter.

Participation in the research call projects shall be open to participants established in Third Countries (i.e. any country other than Portugal, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein), if such participation is justified in terms of the enhanced contribution made to the aims of the research call. However, participants from third countries cannot be supported by the grant.

Avilable Fund: 5.423.529 €

Maximum Grant Amount for each project:: 1.000.000€

Minimum Grant Amount for each project: 500.000€

Grant Rates: The maximum funding rate can go up to 100% of total eligible project costs.

Types of Projects: In order to be eligible for funding, project proposals under the Research Call should address at least one of the following topics:

  1. Sustainable fisheries, aquaculture and blue biotechnology to improve added value from fishing products and other marine resources, considering sustainability and circular principles;
  2. Develop and standardize new methodologies to assess the status of Portuguese national fishery resources, not evaluated by international scientific fora;
  3. Approaches to develop integrated ecological-economics fisheries management.
  4. Improve aquaculture in open offshore conditions in Portuguese maritime areas, including bio-economic modelling;
  5. Marine natural capital and ecosystem services in order to fulfill gaps of data and knowledge on new areas with potential natural value for conservation (including economics, human activities pressures, legal regimes or management solutions), with emphasis on deep sea habitats, and/or restoration solutions, namely through seaforestation;
  6. Social impact of Blue Growth, concerning sustainable fisheries, aquaculture, namely offshore, marine biotecnology, and local communities, in Portugal;
  7. Climate change forecasts, climate change impacts on marine ecosystems services and natural capital, including economic impacts in Portuguese maritime zones, and climate solutions, nature marine ecosystem based solutions and blue carbon;
  8. Data analysis and methodologies/tools for multidimensional assessment of cumulative environmental and socioeconomic impacts to support decision making on marine spatial planning and/or on localization of maritime activities in the Portuguese maritime zones;
  9. New technologies for environmental monitoring and maritime surveillance, development and/or transfer, namely in deep-sea habitats and resources, to improve data and knowledge.


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Clarification regarding forms to be submitted by Research Donor State Partners with the application to the Call #4 Research of the Blue Growth Programme:

  • The forms that absolutely all donor project partners must sign and submit with the application are: 3 (VAT) and 8 (LoC)
  • For points  1 and 2, the organisation/VAT number and presence on Research Council of Norway list are sufficient documentation.
  • Forms that will be necessary only in the contracting phase for projects selected for funding are: 4, 5, 6, 7.



Doc. nr.

Documents to be submitted by the Donor State Partners:


Registration certificate (or similar), issued by the competent authority in the Donor State/Beneficiary State


Latest approved statutes (or similar), which proves that Partner’s main activity is closely related to the activities in which its contribution is proposed


Declaration proving the VAT regime


Declaration of the necessary financial resources for the execution of the project

Template - Declaration Financial Co-Financing


Declaration of Public Procurement

Template - Declaration of Public Procurement


Declaration of good repute of the promoter and partners to make a commitment of honor that fulfills the suitability requirements foreseen in article 55 of the Public Procurement Code, approved by Decree-Law no. 18/2008, of 29 January, in its current wording

Template - Declaration Suitability


Bank document with IBAN, proof of ownership and bank account number indicated by beneficiary


Letter of commitment –

Template - Commitment Letter