Conference and Matchmaking in Ålesund (Norway) highlight initiative under the bilateral relations fund

Conference and Matchmaking in Ålesund (Norway) highlight initiative under the bilateral relations fund

Innovation Norway, in partnership with the Directorate-General for Maritime Policy (DGPM), organized a Conference and Matchmaking in the area of Business Development, Innovation and SMEs in Ålesund, Norway, on 21-22 May 2019.

This set of initiatives, under bilateral relations fund, aimed to foster partnerships and identify business opportunities for Norwegian, Icelandic and Portuguese companies operating in the Blue Economy sector under the Blue Growth Program.

This Portuguese Business Mission was headed by Dra. Sandra Silva (DGPM) and was attended by the representatives of the following companies: in2sea Lda; Bluegrowth; Abyssal S.A; Micro Catch; BLUEMATER SA; Syone; Undersee; Moinho dos Ilhéus.

The participating companies were already prepared with a concrete project idea linked to the "Development of technology / solution / innovative product" or "application of innovative technologies / solutions / product" in the following areas of the Blue Economy sectors:

  • Technologies and solutions for fisheries / aquaculture (development of innovative products and technologies in the fisheries / fish farming sector);
  • Oceanic renewable energy sector;
  • Maritime industry, including maritime transport technologies;
  • Offshore infrastructures;
  • Robotics related to marine and maritime technologies;
  • Technologies for deep sea resources and mapping;
  • Shipbuilding and maritime transport (development of innovative products and technologies);
  • Biotechnology activities, environmental monitoring and maritime surveillance;
  • Innovative products and technologies that are already available on the market (or new concepts), which use marine litter as raw material;
  • Where applicable, solutions and technologies are not limited to the oceans but also refer to inland waters.



There was a participation of 64 participants, with about 50% of the registered participation from Norway and Iceland, and remaining 50% from other regions (including Portugal, as well as Croatia, Greece, Poland and Romania).

From the matchmaking, there will certainly result business opportunities and synergies.

The Directorate-General for Maritime Policy of the Ministry of Sea, as Program Operator "Blue Growth" of EEA-Grants, thanks Innovation Norway for this joint organization and the Portuguese Partners for contributing to the success of this international event!