Blue Mind~Blue School

Blue Mind~Blue School

Promoter: Fundação Luso-Ilíria para o Desenvolvimento Humano


Solfrid Raknes

EEA Grants: 21.250,00€

Total Amount: 25.000,00€



The BlueMind~Blue School project aims to ensure that water sports in schools in Portugal can be equipped with two essential tools for the creation of value and for the sustainable growth of the blue economy. These tools, factors of sustainability, are: i) safety; and ii) blue ethics.

In this sense, the project aims to create an integrated offer of added value to water sports in a school environment, with a view to training young people, agents and educators for the main challenges and opportunities of education in a blue economy, which is based on a Blue Ethics, built in Blue Schools, promoted by Blue Minds.


Project activities include:

  • Creation of a Blue Mind Itinerant Training Centre, which will persist in the post-project period.
  • Performing Blue Mind~Blue School training and promotional actions, aimed at the scholar public.
  • Organization of a BlueMind~Blue School conference aimed at blue economy stakeholders (teachers, researchers, partners, among others).