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IDN - International Development Norway, A.S. / Morefish

EEA Grants: 323.568,00€

Total Amount: 380.668,00€



Offshore aquaculture in Norway, and in the World in general, requires solutions to maintain the quality of the nets and cages, and to prevent the accumulation of fouling. Current solutions are based on the use of metal-based pesticides, persistent and toxic for the environment.

The BluePaint project aims to develop an effective, non-toxic, environmentally- friendly anti-fouling marine paint for fishnets in aquaculture. BluePaint is a protective coating containing the biodegradable BMX-11 anti-fouling agent developed in Portugal, that will be optimized and tested in operational conditions in Norway.

The implementation of this project relies on two main axes: the technical development and validation of an innovative anti-fouling solution BluePaint for coating aquaculture nets in aquaculture, replacing the use of toxic agents and current marine paints, and the business strategy definition of such product, including registration processes required for its commercialization.