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Hatch Blue Norway, A.S.

Marineholmen RASLab, A.S.

EEA Grants: 126.858,00€

Total Amount: 149.245,00€



The management of a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) is a very hands-on task and depends greatly on the specific experience and knowledge of the farm managers, who need to be familiar with many different systems and processes to manage the various aspects of operations. For production to become viable on a large-scale, RAS must overcome the current lack of technology which fully integrates biological, human and mechanical aspects together with the quality of feed and circulating water in these systems.

The BlueRAS project aims to develop a digital platform for the management and monitoring of the daily operations of a fish farm in RAS. Data from sensors that measure water quality, laboratory analysis, daily reports and equipment operation will all be integrated into a single platform to facilitate the supervision of operations. To achieve that, machine learning algorithms will be developed to automate processes and to calculate new indicators to help manage operations, and thus, enhancing scalability and efficiency of RAS.