CAT Weather

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Weather and climate change will strongly impact human activities in particular maritime activities. Only with advance information is it possible to take advantage of meteorological opportunities, plan, optimize resources, reduce costs, or save lives in businesses linked to the sea, the coast or activities on land.

The CAT Weather project aims to implement a weather forecast platform, web portal and programming interface (interconnection with other applications), that allows to take advantage of the meteorological opportunities and protects business from the harshness of weather. The project is based on a functional prototype based on iFAB technology (Intelligent Forecast Accuracy Booster), that allows to improve short-term weather forecasts, taking into account microclimates, and Weather Business Intelligence, business-oriented indicators that allow a simple reading of the impact of weather and climate on business activity, together with monthly and seasonal perspectives.

The development of this platform will allow the expansion of this system, improving accessibility and making access faster to companies with maritime activities, ports or maritime and land operators, in particular civil protection, and can also be expanded to agricultural, logistics or transport companies.