Promoter: Geomodel - 3D Modelling Studio, Lda.


LNEC - Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil

EEA Grants: 126.024,00€

Total Amount: 148.263,00€



The transition to a circular economy provides the opportunity for port infrastructures to address the problem of waste management considering its life cycle, from its prevention and reduction to its treatment and handling. However, measuring and interpreting the physical environment in maritime ports is a complex and time-consuming task, usually performed by a human operator, and where the data transferability is subjected to manual procedures and errors, which result in an inaccurate and incorrect analysis.

The DiCiMa project aims to develop a service to optimize data creation, its interoperability and reuse based on a circular structure. This disruptive solution is particularly focused on the domains of waste management and cargo data at maritime ports, seeking to review and perform data-acquisition processes – data analysis and its integration – certify metrics, and provide effective decision-making advisory, to transform, support, and close the data cycle.