EAT & ART Creativity & OCEAN Literacy

EAT & ART Creativity & OCEAN Literacy

Promoter: ALATI CAN, Lda.


No partners.

EEA Grants: 21.250,00€

Total Amount: 25.000,00€



The project EAT & ART Creativity & OCEAN Literacy aims to provide an effective response to the lack of a collective and concerted promotion strategy for national canned food, thus contributing to increase the value creation and sustainable growth of the canning industry. With this project is intended to encourage a repositioning of the image associated with canned food, creating a new vision of this product among all segments of civil society. Besides its contribution to the dissemination and notoriety of canned food, it seeks to create the necessary conditions that allow consumers to make an informed choice, fostering the importance attributed by them to healthy and sustainable products, while promoting the companies and brands of the national canning industry. Through art, it aims to sensitize society (citizens and all stakeholders) to assume informed and responsible attitudes towards the Ocean and its resources.


Project activities include:

  • Organization of three itinerant exhibitions in different parts of the country (Lisbon, Porto, and Portimão) based on book and a set of 18 works of art, with the theme of the canning industry and 18 dishes, using a Portuguese canned product.
  • Organization of outreach actions to disseminate the exhibitions.