ECOMARE - SOS Marine Animals

ECOMARE - SOS Marine Animals

Promoter: Universidade de Aveiro


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EEA Grants: 21.250,00€

Total Amount: 25.000,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0042



Despite the high biodiversity of marine predators in Portugal, most people are unaware of the importance of national waters in the conservation of these marine species, which are threatened at European level.

The Project ECOMARE - SOS Marine Animals aims to increase Ocean literacy on the threats that marine predators face, promoting interest in the need for conservation of marine ecosystems, and acting to trigger changes in behaviors, especially of school communities in the coastal regions of Aveiro.


Project activities include:

  • Preparation of presentations on marine predators and their threats.
  • Elaboration of a script and filming contents to produce augmented reality videos showing the direct impacts on marine animals such as oil pollution, fishing nets and marine litter.
  • Installation of a live streaming system from the Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center (CRAM-ECOMARE) to demonstrate the work performed during the rescue of marine animals.
  • Organization of hands-on activities that address the problem of marine litter using objects found in different animals: seabirds, sea turtles or cetaceans.
  • Design and creation of a coloring book for children to learn about porpoises, their threats and the rescue of these animals and a comic book for young people about a traditional fishing used mainly in the center of Portugal, how it can affect porpoises and how people can help during their rescuing.
  • Implementation of activities developed with the school community and in accordance with the different levels of education.