Promoter: APLM - Associação Portuguesa do Lixo Marinho


Instituto Nossa Senhora da Encarnação Cooperativa de Ensino e Cultura, Crl

Colégio Valsassina, S.A.

EEA Grants: 20.679,00€

Total Amount: 24.328,00€



The EduMar, know to protect project aims to promote awareness of the problems facing the Ocean and encourages creativity, a spirit of initiative and action to chance behaviors.

The project has three interconnected components, but with different objectives: i) Awareness raising, which aims to involve the school community and the rest of the community in carrying out specific activities; ii) Education, which aims to involve some classes in the creation of games and development of artistic projects; and iii) Training, which aims to carry out an accredited training course for teachers and training actions for educational assistants.


Project activities include:

  • Creation of didactic and cooperative games, in collaboration with the school community, that allow working on Ocean literacy, punctually or continuously, in formal or non-formal education.
  • Development of creative projects by students, using art as a tool to raise awareness of the theme of the Ocean.
  • Implementation of certified training course for teachers and training for educational assistants on Ocean literacy and raise awareness of marine litter.
  • Organization of scientific lectures and exhibitions / meetings aimed at the school community and the surrounding community, such as the closing / celebration of the project and dissemination of the results.