Floating solutions for marinas and docks

Floating solutions for marinas and docks

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EEA Grants: 206.528,00€

Total Amount: 242.974,00€



Floating solutions for marinas and docks project aims to develop and build a floating pontoon model using innovative technology that may be applied as a wave attenuator in exposed estuarine and semi-sheltered sea areas, incorporating efficient, sustainable, and standardized procedures to reduce construction and installation costs.

To achieve this, the project will evaluate the construction needs of installation sites, standardizing the specific characteristics of the concrete according to local environmental conditions as well as selecting the most suitable type of structure for existing weather conditions. Specific features of three generic zones of the globe will be analyzed to create an adaptable solution to exportation.

In addition to the environmental benefits for the entire construction process and durability of the structure, which life expectancy can be up to 50 years, this solution has the advantage of is being an alternative to large metal pontoons that imply periodic inspection, with consequent inoperability and associated costs.