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ACUINOVA - Atividades Piscícolas, S.A.

EEA Grants: 334.376,00€

Total Amount: 393.383,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0025



The increasing global demand for fish products can only be met through intensification of aquaculture production. Diversifying the portfolio of commercial valued fish species is a key factor to sustainably increase aquaculture production in Europe.

The HALIBOT project aims to create nutritional bases to leverage the production of three species of flatfish highly valued by the consumer: Atlantic halibut, turbot and Senegalese sole, contributing to the diversification of European aquaculture.

However, existing barriers in the production of these species will have to be overcome:  mortalities in early stages of development associated with the transition from live food to inert diets, susceptibility to disease in some batches and a consequent low availability in the quantity and quality of juveniles.

This project aims to develop and launch feeding regimes based on premium microdiets with high nutritional specificity, to increase survival and robustness of flatfish larvae and juveniles. Thus, the HALIBOT project will contribute to the increase the production of quality juveniles of the three target species, playing an important role for the sustainability of the European aquaculture industry.