How we see the Ocean - An interactive experience

How we see the Ocean - An interactive experience

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Portugal has most of its population living in the coast where they develop their activities, whether related to the Ocean or not. This project aims to assess the community knowledge about the Ocean and the coastline, through the perception of individuals from different generations, from the youngest to the grandparents. It will be developed in the municipality of Peniche, where the main activities are fisheries, tourism, leisure (is one of the most important surfing areas), and agriculture. The coastal zone is diverse where most beaches and foredunes have been submitted to conservation programs after strong erosion and floods during heavy storms.

The diagnosis intends to demonstrate: i) the importance and balance between formal and non-formal education on the Ocean and the coast, based on different perception of students, parents and grandparents, and teachers; ii) how to use free easy tools; iii) how to make education attractive; and iv) how to improve literacy related to the Ocean and the coast.


Project activities include:

  • Engagement of the Blue School of the municipality and definition of the students who will participate in the project.
  • Development of the survey to assess perception on the following themes: sea level rise and extreme events, marine litter, sustainability of marine resources, nautical sports and coastal sustainability.
  • Development of a free tool for mobile devices with the survey.
  • Organization of a workshop to explain the project and the tools that will be used to complete it to the school community.
  • Assessment and statistical analysis of results.
  • Organization of a workshop to present the main conclusions of the project to the community considering the new proposals and approaches on Ocean literacy formulated.