Promoter: Wunderocean, Lda.


ARDITI - Agência Regional para o Desenvolvimento da Investigação Tecnologia e Inovação

NORCE - Norwegian Research Centre, A.S.

EEA Grants: 127.461,00€

Total Amount: 149.954,00€



LOOP Wind project consists of an Artificial Intelligence software, which seeks to optimize the location and the design of offshore wind platforms, reducing costs and time to wind energy promotors and wind farms.

The solution will use new technologies that are revolutionising many industries, namely Machine Learning, being able to, based on historical data, to detect patterns, predict and recommend the best options for implementation of offshore wind platforms, such as their orientation or the size of the turbines in specific locations. The main inputs will include meteorological and oceanographic data, inland data, populational data and data related to spatial constraints (military areas, tourist areas, fishing areas and maritime traffic lanes). It will have standard and modular components, different modules and map layers, it will be scalable, and it will use the cloud to be profitable and accessible from everywhere at any time.