Ocean Heroes

Promoter: Associação Natureza Portugal


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EEA Grants: 19.853,00€

Total Amount: 23.357,00€



The Ocean Heroes project aims, on the one hand, to raise awareness and empower children and young people about issues related to sustainability in general, about the sustainability of marine resources and the importance of nature and the Ocean; and on the other hand, to raise awareness and alert to the responsibility and power that each of us, in its different capacities, has in its conservation and valorisation, promoting the change of behaviours and making them agents of change in the community in which they operate, and also for the adoption of more sustainable policies. For example, as citizens we can choose more sustainable fish, and we can also demand that decision makers ensure that fishing levels are sustainable. Moreover, the project foreseen sessions to present the professional careers that are linked to the ocean.


Project activities include:

  • Launch and implementation of the Oceans Heroes Club, organized in 2 modules: i) information sessions at school with debates, film sessions and varied games focused on sustainability of marine resources and fishing and ii) nautical sports activities, namely surfing, as well as seaside activities as a complement to the themes developed in the school.
  • Organization of a cycle of social gatherings at school to promote the exchange of knowledge between the school community and professionals linked to the sea.
  • Organization of the Oceans Heroes Forum, where the public presentation of the activities carried out by the students will be made, disseminating the project, but also empowering them for a more active participation within the school community.