Ocean Routes

Promoter: Rio Neiva - Associação de Defesa de Ambiente


Agrupamento de Escolas António Rodrigues Sampaio

EEA Grants: 21.176,00€

Total Amount: 24.913,00€



The Ocean Routes project aims to explore, highlight, and relate different dimensions of maritime culture in Esposende, focusing on the following aspects: i) local biodiversity; ii) civilizations and history; iii) flavours and local cuisine; iv) nautical sport; v) maritime literature and music; and vi) future and sustainability.

Considering that the study of Ocean literacy must start from the territory where it is located, this project intends to promote a global and interdisciplinary vision of the existing richness in terms of maritime culture. Therefore, an innovative model based on citizen science is proposed as working method, as a promoter of scientific and critical thinking, as a way of getting to know the territory with the school community in the region of Esposende.


Project activities include:

  • Organization of field visits so that students can explore and know the different Routes and draw up their maps: the existing marine biodiversity and its relationship with the Ocean and territory (ocean/beaches); the ancient civilizations and sea routes in the municipality (maritime museum and archaeological center); the local maritime flavors and gastronomy (Esposende fish market, fishing centers and restaurants); the literature and maritime music in the context of the Ocean and in the municipality (municipal library and local philharmonic band); the opportunities and barriers to the future and Ocean sustainability and its interconnection with the territory, through analyses of water quality and collection and quantification of marine litter (ocean/rivers). At each visit, it is intended that students share online their field notes on a diary blog journal.
  • Organization of a maritime gastronomy school competition.
  • Organization of initiation actions to the practice of nautical sports.
  • Organization of an exhibition that demonstrates the various results of the project.
  • Launch of a book based on the maps developed and content produced by students in a school context.