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Instituto Superior Técnico

NIVA - Norwegian Institute for Water Research

EEA Grants: 255.921,00€

Total Amount: 301.083,00€



Traditional water monitoring activities, operations with sensors, maintenance and control processes are mainly manual and influenced by personal experience which normally leads to low quality of data sets. In the aquaculture sector, where water quality levels are essential to keep the product in excellent condition for human consumption, this task is a heavy consumer of both time and money. On the other hand, water quality forecasts are either missing or time-consuming for the majority of more technological fish farmers and some unproductive episodes might be missed, as oxygen depletion or algae blooms.

This project aims to launch a new service/product for the aquaculture sector on the market that will allow the development of more effective and sustainable production methods. Users will have access to real-time and surface water temperature forecasts and levels of dissolved oxygen concentrations for the upcoming days and alerts of possible oxygen depletion or even algae bloom events. The new service model allows aquaculture producers to monitor and predict changes in water quality without concerns about purchasing equipment or maintaining sensors.