Sea Giants

Promoter: OMA - Observatório do Mar dos Açores


Associação Cultural Teatro de Giz

Câmara Municipal da Horta

Secretaria Regional do Mar, Ciência e Tecnologia

EEA Grants: 20.199,00€

Total Amount: 23.764,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0049



Sea Giants project aims to amplify Ocean literacy of the Azorean community, sensitizing the population to marine ecosystems and the species that inhabit the surrounding sea and promoting an active perception of the importance of the Marine Protected Areas (AMP) of the Azores. It intends to involve the community in issues related to the sea, encouraging their active participation, and helping them to have a conscious voice towards policy makers and future sea policies.


Project activities include: 

  • Creation of a street performance show, with real scale puppets, which will focus on one of the protected marine species that inhabit the Azores sea - the manta rays - an emblematic species of the fauna of some Marina Protected Areas (MPA) in the Region, one of the rare places in the world where can be observed large aggregations of these impressive animals. The artistic design will be based on scientific content about the species and its habitats, which will be transmitted to the entire team – both professional artists, school students and other participants – through educational sessions. The use of the street as a scenic space to recreate these ecosystems will make it possible not only to reach a larger number of the population, but also to bring them closer and sensitize them to the need to protect these marine environments in an immersive, playful, and artistic way.
  • Organization of a thematic itinerant exhibition, in order to continue the show, offering the community more in-depth content on the Azorean marine ecosystems and their AMPs. 
  • Presentation of the show on the various islands of the archipelago, promoting the expansion of artistic and cultural diversity throughout the Azores region.
  • Creation of outreach materials, including a promotional video and photo reports, to promote and publicize the project.