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The SeaRubbish2Cap project considers that the most viable solution for the removal of marine litter is the collection and recycling of these materials through industrial processing technologies that ensure their use in future high-value applications.

Thus, the project aims to recover waste from the ocean floor and create a closed system of circular economy that can transform and reuse these wastes in new products creating a positive environmental impact, simultaneously with the creation of a financial incentive for all people involved, where local fisheries agents can operate and sell collected ocean plastic waste to industry or other stakeholders.

This goal will be achieved through the collection of plastic waste from the seabed by divers, in professional and leisure activities, its characterization and processing so that the recovered material could be incorporated, in high percentages, in a packaging composition line, without compromising its use for the food and pharmaceutical area. In addition, it aims to develop an application for the geolocation of waste collection areas, that will serve to feed the network of professionals linked to the sea and boost the economy around the collection and recovery of marine litter.