Sea's Beanstalk

Sea's Beanstalk

Promoter: Ocean Puzzle, Lda.


Agrupamento de Escolas da Nazaré

Nazaré Marés de Maio - Associação para o Desenvolvimento Integrado do Concelho da Nazaré

EEA Grants: 21.250,00€

Total Amount: 25.000,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0031



The Sea's Beanstalk Project aims to implement an Ocean literacy action that promotes knowledge about the Ocean, its importance in land systems, its resources and sustainable use, aiming to develop more responsible behaviors that, will allow to implement more sustainable uses of the Ocean and, therefore, improve the quality of life of citizens and the planet in general. It also intends to promote health and well-being through the development of Ocean literacy activities dedicated to active ageing.


Project activities include:

  • Acquisition of nautical sports equipment, suitable for scholar public.
  • Preparation of a "marine ecosystem" in the port of Nazaré, using concrete pipes, which allow to monitor the succession of colonization over time using an aquatic drone.
  • Construction of Ocean literacy instruments including games, models, kits, playful and educational protocols, exhibition and printed material, or others, aimed at young people in elementary and secondary education, as well as the senior public.
  • Development of an annual nautical sports program for schools in Nazaré, promoting health and sport education.
  • Development of an annual Ocean literacy program for schools in Nazaré to explore essential concepts about the Ocean, marine resources, sustainability, local and regional reality, and the individual impact of each one as a citizen.
  • Development of an annual Ocean Literacy program for senior audiences, where concepts about the Ocean and marine resources are explored.