Promoter: Fórum Oceano - Associação da Economia do Mar


Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Colégio Valsassina, S.A.

GCE Ocean Technology, A.S.

EEA Grants: 198.006,00€

Total Amount: 232.949,00€



Blue growth implies a greater degree of perception of the value of the sea, as a strategic asset and the increasingly important role in improving the quality of life of the Portuguese. It is therefore important to raise awareness of the Ocean, considering its multiple dimensions, namely: cultural, social, educational, environmental, and economic, as well as its potential related to new opportunities, entrepreneurship, innovation, research, and development.

The TECATLANTIC project aims to contribute to innovative ideas to the blue economy, support entrepreneurship, and establish new skills to meet the sector's needs. To achieve that, the project will focus on training and awareness raising of secondary school pupils for emerging "blue careers/employment", training for the blue economy dedicated to those who are already workers and those entering the labour market and organize a Postgraduation in Marine Science, Business and Entrepreneurship, dedicated to graduate students, young entrepreneurs, employees of companies in the maritime economy and civil servants.