The Ocean of [my] future

The Ocean of [my] future

Promoter: Fórum Oceano - Associação da Economia do Mar


Colégio Valsassina, S.A.

Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa

GCE Ocean Technology, A.S.

EEA Grants: 21.225,00€

Total Amount: 24.971,00€



The Ocean of [my] future project aims to increase knowledge about different sectors of the blue economy, providing an overview on future "blue careers", including blue entrepreneurship. It is aimed at secondary school students, namely in the 12th grade, who are in a decisive stage of choosing their vocations and intends to create in these young people a proactive attitude and behaviour in relation to the Ocean and its sustainable uses, as well as to the opportunities and challenges in (their) professional future.

The project highlights key sectors of blue growth: i) aquaculture and fish industry; ii) blue biotechnology; iii) maritime technology; iv) nautical sports; v) sustainability, marine environment, and biodiversity; and vi) social sciences (public policies, economy, and law).


Project activities include:

  • Organization of thematic sessions on the different sectors of blue growth, aimed at students and teachers.
  • Conducting study visits to companies/entities in the different sectors of blue growth.
  • Develop ideas /projects in entrepreneurship by students, accompanied by tutors designated according to the themes.
  • Organization of mentoring sessions for teachers, to monitor the development of students' ideas/projects.
  • Organization and implementation of a final event in hackathon format, awarding a prize to what is considered the best project / idea by a panel of evaluators.