The Ocean Week

The Ocean Week

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THE OCEAN WEEK project aims to develop an innovative nautical tourism offer in Portugal, with a special focus on the industry's disruption, developing new target markets and based on three key pillars: environmental sustainability, social inclusion and environmental education.

This project aims to improve the luxury segment of the Portuguese nautical tourism related to the supply of recreational nautical vessels. Currently, access to this type of vessels is only possible through its acquisition or through charter companies that require the rental of the full vessel, usually at very high prices. This project will revolutionize access to this type of services through the sharing economy.

THE OCEAN WEEK uses only wind-powered vessels, restricting the environmental footprint without reducing the quality of the tourist product. In addition, it promotes good practices in water and waste management, recycling, circular economy, and activities such as cleaning beaches and the coastal edge in groups, during travel time. The use of plastics is restricted, and all boats have renewable energy equipment for their own consumption (solar panels, wind turbines), as well as a significant part of the drinking water available on board is desalinated, through the existing equipment on the vessels.

Thus, THE OCEAN WEEK offers its participants a unique, high quality, affordable and sustainable holiday experience. Participants end a happy experience, more environmentally friendly, with skills they can put into practice on a daily basis for a better world.