The gamification platform of the iREC project

The gamification platform of the iREC project

Developed by Cascais Environment in partnership with New Faculty SBE, the iREC Project presents an innovative approach that unites retailers, collection services, research centers and companies in the waste sector for the management of single-use packaging, with the aim of increasing its correct routing, as well as its recycling

The project objectives will be achieved through the installation of 10 “Reverse Vending Machines” (RVM) in the main commercial establishments in the municipality where thousands of citizens of Cascais, tourists or visitors will have the opportunity to benefit from iREC and contribute to the reduction of their ecological footprint.

One of the great innovations of the incentive scheme is based on the “gamification” platform, based on the Citypoints Cascais application. RVM users will be rewarded for depositing plastic, glass and aluminum beverage cans for recycling through city points that can be converted into various services, such as bus tickets, bicycle rentals, show tickets and tickets in museums, among others.

More details about the project can be found here.

The Environment Programme supports this project within the scope of the Call#1, which aims to finance projects that focus on priority areas for reducing plastics in the oceans and promoting awareness of the challenges related to plastics in the oceans and proposing solutions.

Under the EEA Grants 2014-2021, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, as donor Countries, finance, in 15 Member States of the European Union, initiatives and projects with the objective of reducing social and economic disparities by strengthening bilateral relations with beneficiary Countries.

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