Bebidas + Circulares

Bebidas + Circulares

Promoter: Portuguese Association of Natural and Spring Mineral Water Manufacturers (APIAM)


- Portuguese Association of Non-Alcoholic Refreshing Drinks (PROBEB)

- Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies (APED)

EEA Grants: 764,619.80€

Total Amount: 999,503.00€


The project aims to implement an incentive system with the attribution of na incentive to the consumer for the return of bottles and non-reusable beverage cans, to their forwarding for recycling and the production of high quality recycled, compatible with the incorporation in production new beverage packaging, promoting the circularity of recovered materials (glass, plastic and cans).

It aims to test a solution based on the collection with automatic machines in a restricted area - a municipality with a high population density - assessing the degree of population adherence to this new collection mechanism. It is intended to test the "effectiveness" of collection sites based on commercial surfaces of different sizes and formats, preparing the future Deposit System.

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