Plano Estratégico de Reabilitação de Linhas de Água (PERLA)

Plano Estratégico de Reabilitação de Linhas de Água (PERLA)

Promoter: Municipality of Mafra


- E. Rio Unipessoal Lda.

EEA Grants: 199.512,00

Total Amount: 234.720,00


The proposal intends to develop the Strategic Plan for the Rehabilitation of Water Lines (PERLA) as a guiding instrument for action in the water lines of the municipality of Mafra, based on a set of planning and territorial management instruments that aim to substantiate and guide the water protection and management, including the National Water Plan (PNA) and the Hydrographic Region Management Plans (PGRH).

The need to create guidelines for action within the scope of water resources is justified by the vulnerability of the municipality to high temperatures / heat waves, excessive precipitation, strong waves / rising sea levels and strong wind, identified in EMAAC Mafra, whose consequences are greater risk of forest fires, damage to vegetation, human health and infrastructure and coastal erosion.

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