Promoter: IPVC


AREA Alto Minho

EEA Grants: 119.297,19€

Total Amount: 175.434,05€


In short, the Project intends to increase the use of secondary raw materials to replace the use of plastics by promoting the development of a refill station for plastic-free reusable water bottles, a process that will begin with the implementation of a survey of a wide group of users to define the functional requirements of said refilling station and bottle. Based on the survey results, the Project team will design the two prototypes (refill station and bottle) that will contribute to achieving the project's intended results.

After being designed, developed and tested, the prototypes will be installed and made available in the 6 IPVC schools, their bars, canteens and academic residences, and the plastic bottles of mineral water will be withdrawn from commercialization. Subsequently, after an evaluation period the results (number of plastic water bottles that have been avoided selling, number of new water bottles sold, amount of plastics avoided, energy saving, reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions, etc. .), these will be properly addressed and disseminated through a range of awareness campaigns.

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