SMILE - Sintra Motion & Innovation for Low Emissions


Promoter: Fundação Aga Khan Portugal


- IRRADIARE - Investigação e desenvolvimento em engenharia e ambiente lda

- Card4B Systems S.A

- Faculdade Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa - FCUL


- DST Solar, S.A.

- INNOVATION POINT - Investigação e Desenvolvimento S.A.

- International Development Association Norway

- Câmara Municipal de Sintra






EEA Grants: 849.269,31€

Total Amount: 1.178.617,86€

Grace Code: PT-ENVIRONMENT-0053


SMILE – Sintra Motion & Innovation for Slow Emissions is a proposal from the consortium led by the Aga Khan Foundation in partnership with the Municipality of Sintra, DST Solar, Innovation Point, Watt-is, Card4b, IrRADIARE, Faculty of Sciences (Lisbon University) and International Development Norway Association, in view of promoting the development of innovative technological solutions, and in particular to create a living laboratory as a test centre for mitigating carbons emissions.

It aims to implement significant improvements in the Bairro da Tabaqueira through the generation and use of renewable sources of electricity in buildings, sustainable urban mobility and circular economy practices.