Affection Workshop: Educating in Equality

Affection Workshop

Promoter: Questão de Igualdade - Association for Social Innovation


Junta de Freguesia da Penha de França

CPCJ Lisboa Centro

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

School Group Patrício Prazeres

School Group of Olaias

Likestillingssenteret - The Centre for Equality

EEA Grants: 54,000

Total Amount: 60,000



What is the project about?

The project Affection Workshop: Educating in Equality will test and implement an integrated, locally based program to promote relational skills based on the promotion of gender equality and a culture of affection involving children, families and educators, that can be replicated in other territorial contexts.

It is a Small Grant Scheme#2 project - Prevention projects for children and young people and promoting non-violent masculinities.


What will it achieve?

  • Training of the partnership in gender equality.

  • Training of children's educators in gender equality.

  • Sensitization of children and families in order to promote gender equality and combating all forms of discrimination based on gender.


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