Promoter: Institute of Social and Political Sciences


University Institute of Maia

Association Plano i

Open University

Braga delegation of the Portuguese Red Cross

Centre for the Study of Migration and Intercultural Relations - CEMBRI 

SOS Racismo


EEA Grants: 56.299,89

Total Amount: 56.299,89


What is the project about?

This project aims to characterize the perceptions on the economic impact of unequal sharing of unpaid work and divorce in the lives of immigrant women and men living in Portugal. In partnership with non-governmental agencies and universities, the research will focus on immigrant women and men from Brazilian, Cape Verde and Eastern Europe living in Portugal.

What will it achieve?

This project will contribute to the construcion of concerted and adaptive responses as well as to a detailed and systematic knowledge concerning the role of immigrant women and men in issues of gender equality in Portugal. This will also promote the improvement of the quality of life of immigrants and their effective integration in the country.


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