Cávado + Igual

Promoter: Intermunicipal Community of Cávado (CIM Cávado)


Municipality of Amares

Municipality of Barcelos

Municipality of Braga

Municipality of Esposende

Municipality of Terras de Bouro

Municipality of Vila Verde

Study Center for Social Intervention (CESIS)

KUN Centre for Equality and Diversity

EEA Grants: 226,077

Total Amount: 226,077



What is the project about?

The Cávado + Igual project intends to materialize the 1st systematic and strategic approach of the CIM directed at the issues of equality and work-lfe balance, in terms of organizational management of the associated Municipalities.

It is an Open Call #5 project: Intervention projects to promote gender equality at local level.


What will it achieve?

  • Training of the team/staff specialized in IND in Cávado, focusing on knowledge and skills for development and planning, based on the principles of IND.
  • Involve municipal employees in the definition of measures by municipality that promote the balance of personal, professional and family life.
  • Create space for sharing of best practices and knowledge on work-life balance strategies and resources for the benefit of IND.
  • Evaluate the participants' perceptions and knowledge on measures that promote equality and work-life balance in the Municipalities of Cávado.


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