White Paper on Multiple and Intersectional Discrimination


Promoter: NOVA School of Law


EGALIA Centre Against Discrimination

EEA Grants: 82.965,66

Total Amount: 82.965,66


What is the project about?

The White Paper on Multiple and Intersectional Discrimination project aims to combine knowledge from the fields of law, economics and social anthropology, focusing on discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, ethnic or racial origin, and disability, as well as their intersections, and also taking into account their socioeconomic consequences.

It is an Small Grant Scheme #3 project: White books/studies to foster gender equality

What will it achieve?

  • the production and publication of a White Paper that details the research conducted and that includes a proposal of a new conceptual anti-discrimination framework, including new legislation and institutional reform (and complemented by a draft of a new anti-discrimination law). 


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