Webinar BlueRAS project results


The BlueRAS project is coming to an end and we are glad to invite you to attend a webinar on the 31th of May at 14h00 (GMT+1) where the Sensaway team (promoter of the project) will present our vision for the Aquaculture industry in terms of precision farming, what we've achieved and what comes next.

The objective of the BlueRAS project is to develop an all-encompassing operational platform for precision fish farming to help scale production efficiently while minimizing risk. The BlueRAS consortium is composed of Sensaway, Hatch Blue Norway and Marineholmen RASLab.

The event will be online and in English. Please follow the link to register for the event and receive an invitation link for the video call:

For additional information on the inception and context of BlueRAS you can visit the project website at: https://www.sensaway.com/blueras