Call 1_Evris Foundation, Iceland

Call 1_Pitching: Evris Foundation, Iceland

Name of legal entity: Evris Foundation

Country: Iceland

City: Reykjavík


Description Summary of the Project

Type of Organization

Evris Foundation is a non-profit private Foundation, according to Icelandic act no.33/1999 concerning foundations engaged in business. Evris Foundation was founded to share Icelandic knowledge and experience with other European countries and vice versa. Sharing know-how will facilitate problem solving and the development of new solutions by public agencies, businesses and the third sector. Evris Foundation builds a tailor-made team of Icelandic experts with defined and requested expertise for each project.

Project and Partnership contribution

Evris Foundation is interested in forming partnerships with Portuguese entities preparing Coastal Cultural Heritage projects under the EEA Grants in Portugal 2014-2021. Evris Foundation specializes in putting together teams of experts with extensive knowledge and experience within the cultural sector in Iceland in order to cooperate with Portuguese entities on Coastal Cultural Heritage projects. It searches partnerships for a wide range of cultural projects where a team of Icelandic experts would cooperate with different project promoters in Portugal in order to develop and bring to fruition any cultural project under the premises of “Coastal Cultural Heritage” of the Portuguese Culture Programme.

Intended Partnership

Evris Foundation in interested in partnerships with any form of entity involved in the development of Coastal Cultural Heritage projects and ready to form a tailor-made team for any specific project within that field.