ARcTic South

Promoter: Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa


KHIO - Oslo National Academy of the Arts (NO)

EEA Grants: 13 429,06 €

Total Amount: 14 921,18 €

Grace Code: PT-BI058

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The initiative aimed to bring together educational systems and artistic peers from the North and South, fostering collaboration in the creation of a cultural product (Book Arctic South).

The goal was to connect two higher education artistic institutions for future joint coordination in advanced training and artistic research. Through various sharing moments, two pop-up exhibitions were produced, along with a book that explores the institutions, the artistic research work of doctoral students and professors, and the presentation of a white paper. In this context, FBAUL found a partner, as it is currently a member of the MEMORYWORK project, led by KHiO, and will host the next seminar of this project in Lisbon in 2023.

Due to the project's popularity, Ph.D. candidates and other artist professors were enrolled during Activity A1. The research centers CIEBA and VICARTE added extra funds to include more participants in the seminar and workshop, enriching the project and the content of the book. VICARTE also provided additional funding for the book due to price increases in materials and goods caused by the war in Ukraine.