Bird - Bilateral Interests on Research and Development

Bird - Bilateral Interests on Research and Development

Promoter: Companhia de Musica Teatral (CMT)


Oslo metropolitan University (Faculty of Education and International Studies) - Norway

EEA Grants: 15 000,00

Grace Code: PT-BI010


What did this initiative focus on?

The BIRD initiative aimed to allow a Norwegian team of three specialists in spontaneous improvised communication between children to observe the performances of the play PaPi Opus8 that the Companhia de Musica Teatral performed in Portuguese (Lisbon) and Norwegian (Oslo) kindergartens, allowing a direct comparison between different cultural groups.

It also had as objectives:

  • share artistic experiences specially designed for early childhood;
  • reflect on its importance and repercussion for those involved (children, artists, educators, families);
  • promote the scientific study of the reception/behaviour of children in "ecological" contexts of artistic performance;
  • to promote, among the public in general and, in particular, among artists, educators and researchers, interest in and awareness of the importance of the art experience in early childhood.