Promoter: REQUIMTE - Rede de Química e Tecnologia - Associação


UiT The Arctic University of Norway (NO)

EEA Grants: 15 000,00 €

Total Amount: 20 000,00 €

Grace Code: PT-BI057


What did this initiative focus on?

CoSki is a collaborative skin research initiative between Arctic University of Norway (UiT) in Norway (NO) and REQUIMTE in Portugal (PT) to improve the pre-clinical evaluation of transdermal product development.

Transdermal drug delivery is an emerging route in drug development due to its great advantages such as:

  • better bioavailability,
  • more uniform plasma levels,
  • longer duration and, consequently
  • reduced dosing frequency,
  • increased patient compliance and
  • reduced systemic side effects.

Given the growing ethical issues and the establishment of new rules regarding the prohibition of animal testing, the need for new and efficient in vitro mimetic skin models becomes essential for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and toxicological purposes.

CoSki will promote technical cooperation and knowledge exchange between the two research groups, also involving an internship, a workshop and a seminar.

With this bilateral initiative, different skin mimicry models established in the two partners will be compared and evaluated against standard methods using dermal formulations based on nanogel.

The expected results are a significant contribution to the systematic development of new skin formulations, providing useful insight to the skin research community, as well as improving the technical skills and knowledge of the CoSki team.

In addition, a scientific publication is also envisaged as a result of this initiative.

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