Define(ing#PT) - Setting Cobuilder Define for the Portuguese Context to boost Digital Product Passports


Promoter: Instituto da Construção (IC)


Cobuilder. Oslo, Norway.

EEA Grants: 11 922,85 €

Total Amount: 14 903,57 €

Grace Code: PT-BI087


What did this initiative focus on?

With the development of Data Templates ISO standards, the Construction Industry (CI) made a step forward in digitalization with impactful actions. From a people, process, and technology approach the technology is now in a position where process and mainly people need to be levelled.

This situation is becoming critical as the new trends and political actions from EU point to new Regulations with increasing requirements in performance, sustainability and digital.

Digital Product Passports (DPP) arise as tools with the ability to answer all requirements. Data Templates are the supporting structures, and the interoperability definitions provide the capabilities to set the Product Catalogs or the EU database(s) for Products.

This Bilateral Initiative (BI) aims to continue the technical cooperation ignited under the GrowingCircle project, between IC – Instituto da Construção and Cobuilder.

The goal is to contribute to the global effort of leading the way on the implementation of DPP under the new Construction Products Regulation (still under discussion) by enriching their requirements and analysing the compliance ability of different stakeholders and setting a background system that, built on a common structure brings the knowledge into the Portuguese language.