Innovation for Circular Competency - Accelerating GrowingCircle with Digital Product Passports Awareness

Innovation for Circular Competency

Promoter: Instituto da Construção (IC)


NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Norway / Trondheim and Oslo

EEA Grants: 14 532,98 €

Total Amount: 16 147,75 €

Grace Code: PT-BI098


What did this initiative focus on?

This initiative follows the GrowingCircle and focuses on the improvement and expansion of that project's training actions. IC and NTNU teams will be again engaged with the aim of structuring an extended Awareness Course to continue the effort of introducing Construction Industry (CI) stakeholders to the challenges of twining Digital and Green Transition and how Digital Product Passports constitute a key enabler. The new EU framework under production (Construction Products Regulation) is merging both challenges, where Digital Product Passports assume prominence.

GrowingCircle successfully produced up-to-date outcomes to start supporting stakeholders in this journey. CI represents around 10% of EU countries' GDP and employs more than 25 million professionals. The ability to keep training these stakeholders using best practices and introducing new contents from ongoing developments is what we meant to accomplish in this BI. Setting a time frame of almost 12 months we propose to work new contents to deliver an up-to-date and innovative training course on Digital Product Passports.