Promoter: MAG, Marques de Aguiar Arquitectura e Urbanismo


Fri kultur Kvinnherad

EEA Grants: 14 889,96 €

Total Amount: 16 544,40 €

Grace Code: PT-BI090


What did this initiative focus on?

LOKAL is a bilateral initiative that boosts the action of two partners linked by the mission of strengthening the relationship between the inhabitants of a place through their culture. The partnership between Mag Marques de Aguiar (MAG) and Fri musikk Kvinnherad (FRI) aims to combine their experiences to create sustainable and innovative tourism and cultural products through participatory models of artistic creation in the communities of Pedrógão Grande and Kvinnherad.

The Experimenta Paisagem Museum (MEP), promoted by MAG, is a territorial development project in the interior of Portugal. In this open-air museum, without walls, the works of art punctuate unlikely places in the landscape and the routes are like museum rooms. With LOKAL, based on the experience of the FRI filmmaking team, the MEP will develop an innovative participatory method, inaugurating a new type of museum tourism product: the Participatory Creation Trail.