LOOK AT US – Cinema Workshop - PORTO | HAUGESUND


Promoter: Associação Cultural Figura Nacional


International Film Festival of Haugesund

Escola Secundária do Cerco

EEA Grants: 14 960,00 €

Total Amount: 23 000,00 €

Grace Code: PT-BI071


What did this initiative focus on?

“Look at Us” is an artistic workshop, which will make use of film literacy and smartphone technology to promote in its participants a reflection on their role in the global and intercultural world, within the scope of human rights and the practice of active citizenship.

Never like today has the image, its production, editing and proliferation been decisive in the construction of our social identity – our consumption, our references and aspirations, our sense of belonging and even our collective memory are all extremely visual narratives, which can be used to communicate our similarities and differences in increasingly digital platforms.

Cinema, as one of the visual sources that contributes to rebuilding, rethinking, reframing the contradictions of social reality, will be the starting point to reflect on the roles of youth today – on how they are diverse and unequal, contextual and unique experiences.

The groups of Portuguese and Norwegian young people, despite all the social constraints that distance them, share the experiences of adolescence, which will be mobilized in the construction of their cinematographic narratives, where they will have to listen to each other, to work together, to face their differences and try to connect through cinema. This cinema workshop experience, starting in Portugal and ending in Norway, will promote new possibilities for the production and creation of cinematographic content using the object that youngsters use the most - the smartphone.

Using their smartphone, each participant will be invited to reflect on their social identity based on the challenges and opportunities of each social context, and always connecting that experience to Human Rights practices, and an active and participatory citizenship – like we will be discussing during the week.