Promoter: Associação PRO BONO



EEA Grants: 6 275,00 €

Total Amount: 6 972,45 €

Grace Code: PT-BI042


What did this initiative focus on?

PRO BONO is the promoter of a Bilateral Cooperation with the Norwegian Institution, JUSSBUSS, a non-profit organization that has as main objective to help those who cannot afford to resort to private legal support, in Norway.

PRO BONO and JUSSBUSS, based on their experience in volunteering, will promote the exchange of knowledge and techniques, benefiting each other directly and mutually.

The initiative features three activities:

  • A Webinar having as guest speakers Professors, Lawyers and other experts in Law;
  • One training/internship at PRO BONO for the staff of JUSS BUSS, lasting 5 days;
  • A 3-day training/internship in JUSS BUSS for the staff of PRO BONO.

Some of the key expected end results include:

  • Enhancement of volunteer management practices used in associations;
  • Increased productivity and retention of volunteers;
  • Cross-training of employees and volunteers in both response systems.

This initiative aims at improving both organizations’ expertise and management capacity, which will directly impact their mission

and thereby increase their reach.

As both organizations have been consistently operating with volunteers, they have vast experience in building management

capacity and in training volunteers, which would be of added value to this partnership.

On the other hand, it would be very useful to broaden such know-how to fields where they are less experienced, such as

JUSSBUSS approaches to specific challenges that are similar to PRO BONO’s mission and vice-versa.

This would be done to implement effective strategies that improve each party's procedures, enhance communications strategies

and methods.

We were able to:

- Sharpened volunteer management practices used in both party associations

- Increase of productivity and volunteer retention

- Cross training of staff and volunteers on both systems reply to issues

- Have members with international experience in volunteer work

- Improve population's understanding of their rights and current situation

- Improved, consistent and stable relationship between Norway and Portugal.