SMART - Sustainable Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Railway Track


Promoter: IDMEC – Institute of Mechanical Engineering


Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet)

Cracow University of Technology

Metropolitano de Lisboa, E.P.E.

EEA Grants: 13 470,71 €

Total Amount: 14 967,45 €

Grace Code: PT-BI099


What did this initiative focus on?

Railway is one of the low CO2 emission means of transport. In line with UN Goal 9 “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”, its maintenance and rehabilitation plan are of utmost importance. The SMART proposal aims to combine the traditional track monitoring with innovative ideas based on recognition of defects and incorrect operation by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Appropriately adapted techniques for image processing of UAV video recordings will be applied to the noise analysis of the properly edited audio part. A library of such recordings and the ability of comparative analysis should lead to at least the definition of areas at risk of excessive noise (acoustic maps). Sources of noise exceeding permissible levels can be identified by comparative analysis with respect to infrastructure defects and environmental conditions.