Tomorrow's Everydayness in Atlantic gastronomy

Tomorrow's Everydayness in Atlantic gastronomy

Promoter: Município de Aveiro


Bodø2024 IKS - European Capital of Culture

EEA Grants: 15 000,00 €

Total Amount: 16 692,40 €

Grace Code: PT-BI065


What did this initiative focus on?

The Atlantic Ocean is a common thread that the city of Aveiro shares with the city of Bodø, as well as the history of long fishing, cod and gastronomic traditions. Both Aveiro and Bodø are important national harbours, with a tangible and intangible maritime heritage that embodies Atlantic culture. Gastronomy reflects our origins and creates links with cultural identity.

Bilateral cooperation will enhance local traditions at the table, while responding to the demands of sustainable food production in the context of climate change and the globalisation of markets.

The objectives of this initiative are:

  • To stimulate knowledge, the exchange of know-how and a rich intercultural dialogue between food producers and industry and gastronomy-related communities in both cities;
  • Provide and create opportunities to learn tools and develop skills that support the process of adapting to new tourism trends in this field;
  • Co-create and test innovative/pilot activities in communication, tourism and cultural offer in the field of gastronomy;
  • Ensure the (re)creation of local and Atlantic gastronomic traditions and their future path, including and attracting new talent to the sector such as students and young people;
  • Boosting gastronomy as a source of culture and creativity through innovative co-operation and interdisciplinary models to give impact to tourist-cultural experiences in the life of a traditional "everyday" family.