TRACTION network

Promoter: Nursing School of Lisbon (ESEL), Nursing Research, Innovation and Development Centre of Lisbon (CIDNUR)


Diakonhjemmet Hospital, Center for treatment of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases (REMEDY)

EEA Grants: 15 000,00 €

Total Amount: 19 945,40 €

Grace Code: PT-BI073


What did this initiative focus on?

The project foresees implementing an integrated network of clinical trials for non-pharmacological health care interventions, such as patient education, health literacy or physical activity promotion, that do not exist yet in Europe. The network has two-fold aims: i) to build capacity and promote the realization of experimental research by health care researchers (namely in Portugal), through training and mentoring, and ii) to define the criteria and rules for an open network of centres, to be launched for congregate researchers with similar interest to collaborate and conduct powerful research.

This project is innovative by as it is the first international network to promote experimental research by allied health professionals (AHP), including nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, etc.