PDP 06 - e-Bug

Promoter: Direção-Geral de Saúde (DGS)


Antibiotic Centre for Primary Care, Norway.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway.

Portuguese National Authority of Medicines and Health Products, I.P. Portugal.

Autoridade Nacional do Medicamento e Produtos de Saúde I.P. (INFARMED) Portugal

EEA Grants: 99 345,98€

Total Amount: 99 345,98€

Grace Code: PT-BI061


What did this initiative focus on?

The e-Bug is an educational project led by the Primary Care Unit of Public Health England (PHE) and involves a consortium of various international partner countries.

The main objective of the project is to educate children and young people worldwide, at the primary and secondary education levels, about microbiology, the spread and prevention of infectious diseases, the benefits of prudent antibiotic use, and how improper use can negatively impact antimicrobial resistance and public health.

This bilateral initiative aims to implement this e-learning educational platform nationally in Portugal and Norway for a wide range of ages (6 to 17 years). To achieve this, both countries will translate, select, and adapt the content to national curricula and guidelines.

According to the WHO, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) threatens effective prevention and treatment of an increasing range of infections (caused by bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi). Therefore, antimicrobial resistance has been declared one of the top 10 global threats to public health.

The cost of AMR to the economy is significant. In addition to death and disability, it results in longer hospitalizations, the need for more expensive medications, and increased social and health costs.

Portugal has a national priority health program to combat healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial resistance, called the Infection Prevention and Antimicrobial Resistance Prevention Program, which operates within the Directorate-General of Health (DGS).

Portugal, through the DGS, and Norway, through the Norwegian Antibiotic Centre, are partners of PHE e-Bug, with established Service Level Agreements that allow the use of e-Bug in their respective countries.

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